Highly efficient: the brazed plate heat exchangers of the Kelvion ConBraze series

14. oct. 2016 - The brazed plate heat exchangers of the Kelvion ConBraze series, thanks to their innovative vortex cells, offer a great number of new possibilities.
  • Plate heat exchangers of the ConBraze series

They produce greater turbulence in the heat exchanger tunnel and therefore enable enhanced heat transfer. In addition to increased performance, benefits of the new series include greater pressure strength, significantly smaller refrigerant charge, and lower operating costs. Possible areas of application of these heat exchangers include central fresh water heaters, apartment and building connection stations, heat pumps for building heating and hot water supply, and district heating transfer stations. The great number of ConBraze model versions, plate sizes and plate embossing types, as well as various accessory parts enable selection of these heat exchangers to optimally match the requirements encountered. Benefits of the ConBraze series include models with integrated Delta Injection™ distributors for enhanced distribution of the tempering medium into the tunnels. Application temperature limits range from -196 °C to +200 °C at pressures up to 50 bar (depending on the series).

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