Chillventa premiere: the industrial dual discharge air cooler Kelvion DV-Radion

14. oct. 2016 - The Kelvion DV-Radion is a newly developed air cooler for industrial applications that offers air outlet to two sides. The DV-Radion operates with radial fans – an innovation among industrial coolers of its kind. The radial fans feature optimized blade design and satisfy the relevant ErP Directive. The structurally implemented air flow configuration at an angle of 90 ° enables lower performance losses in comparison to coolers with axial fans. At the same time, this design improves the air flow onto the heat exchangers, which enables lower unit height with the same cooling duty.
  • The new industrial dual discharge cooler Kelvion DV-Radion

In the heat exchanger itself, internally grooved tubes enable effective heat transfer. In addition to its efficiency, the new Kelvion DV-Radion is convincing as a result of its aesthetic appearance, quiet operation, and sophisticated structural design with respect to hygiene and cleaning. The new air cooler, for example, offers enhanced drip tray design with splashwater protection, and all components are easily accessible and simple to clean. This air cooler is offered in various model sizes and for various media. Depending on model size, the maximum cooling duty under operation with synthetic refrigerant R404A is 6 to 60 kW. With CO2, the range is from 7 to 59 kW (both at t L1 = 0 °C, t 0 = -8 °C, D T1 = 8 K). With use of 37 % ethylene glycol, maximum cooling duty is from 10 to 82 kW (t L1 = 5 °C, t in = -7 °C, t out = -4 °C).

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